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Stainless Steel Railings FAQ

Stainless Steel RAILINGS FAQ's

How do I know what size panels to order, and how many?
Send us a top view sketch with the dimensions and we will draw it on CAD to work out the most cost effective sized panels. This drawing will be forwarded to you, to assist you with the setting out of the installation.

What tools do I require to install the railing?
A concrete drilling machine, spanners to torque the anchors, allen keys to link the panels together (supplied with order), and basic measuring tools.

What happens where the railing terminates?
An end post is required. This single flat post is mechanically fastened to the last panel and the base stem, thereby ensuring a symmetrical design.

Can I pre-order my glass while I wait for the products to arrive?
Yes. On placement of order we will supply you a CAD drawing of the glass panels indicating overall dimensions and positioning of holes.

How do the corner glass panels remain rigid?
The corner panel and the panel next to it are in fact one panel that has six mounting points.

How do I know whether to order Grade 304 or Grade 316?
We have world maps indicating highly corrosive areas to assist you in your choice.

Will you look at custom manufacturing to different designs?
Only if the quantities warrant it.

What if a panel does not fit due to a measuring error?
Take it to a local Engineering Shop for them to modify. This will involve very basic cutting and welding.

Why is stainless steel so corrosion resistant?
The alloying elements in stainless steel form a thin, transparent "passive layer" on the surface. Although this protective passive layer is only a few atoms thick, it instantaneously reforms in the presence of oxygen from air or water, so even if the material is scratched or damaged the passive layer continues protecting the surface from corrosion.