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Ordering & Quotes

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Ordering and obtaining quotes is very simple. The first decision is to decide on the railing type/desing you want. The best way to accomplish this is to identify the railing family that appeals to you. Selecting the railing family is a matter of your taste/visual requirments, and of course cost.

With any of your railing projects, its easy to just email or fax us a drawing/sketch. The drawing does not have to be technical, but do provide enough notations so we have a good idea of what you need.  The length of the layout , the shape, identification of stairs, and other important elements that would help in assessing your project are helpful.

Once we have determined the railing style you want, and have a basic idea of the layout, we can generally provide a reasonable "ball park" quotation. If  the pricing of the railing meets your requirements, we can the move to the final stage and produce actual CAD drawings that provide explicit detail, and a final cost. We generally do not charge for this service, but we do ask your professional courtesy in engaging us on this effort based on your intent to purchase our railing system. Once we have finalized  our CAD drawings, and everyone has review the final documents, we ask for you signature to begin production of your job.

Lead Time

Cable railings, and systems that use just top and bottom stainless railings can generally be shipped immediately.  Most other railing systems are fabricated to order and take 3 to 4 weeks. There is no such thing as a custom railing system overnight..so please plan ahead.

Cable Railings

Cable railings are generally very simple to lay out and purchase supplies for . That's why you can purchase our award winning Easy Rail Cable System right here on line. It's really a matter of how much cable you need, how many connectors (the tensioners at both ends), and perhaps some intermediate posts that we can supply for you. Please read our Planning Your Cable Railing document for guidlines in designing your railing.