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Cable Railings Wood Posts/Frame

These are wood frame railing systems using our cable rail and tensioners. Using simple design guidelines for building cable railings , its as easy as  1-2-3.  With our easy to use tensioners, installation is fool proof. Our patented angle ajustment (up to 45 degrees) makes it simple for stair applications and making turns.

What will you need from us to do the job ? Very simple. Measure the length of your railing system, determine the number of rows of cable (based on 3" spacing between cables...usually 10-13 rows depending on your railing design). Determine the number of tensioners required as well as the number of other end terminations. See the desing guidelines above for more information.  Remember you always need a tensioner at one end of your cable run. In some cases you have the option to use a swivel end or stud end. Some will elect to use a swivel or stud end to reduce the profile of the cable system in short runs, giving the installation a cleaner look. Others elect to not use a tensioner on one end if they don't have to in order to reduce costs  (tensioners cost a few dollars more than the swivel ends or stud ends) .