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Cable Rail FAQ

Cable Railing Design and Product Information Questions:

What designs and options are available for Atlantis Rail stainless steel railings?
Cable Railing Ordering, How do I order the Atlantis Rail stainless steel railing Products?
Cable Railing Cost, How much does each stainless steel railing system cost?
Cable Rail Spans, How far can I run cable railing between RailEasy™ cable Tensioners?
Cable Railing Post Spacing, How far can I space my post using the Atlantis Rail Cable Railing System?
Cable Railing Design, Do I need a bottom rail with a cable rail system?
Cable Railing Safety, Is horizontal cable railing safe for my application?
What size and lengths does Atlantis Rail Stainless Steel Railing come in?
Cable Railing Height, What railing heights are available?
Cable Railing Designs, Do you offer custom design?
Cable railing Warranty, Does Atlantis Rail come with a Warranty?
Cable Railing maintenance, How does Atlantis Rail react to incidental salt water contact or spray?

Install How To and Technical Information:

Cable Railing Measuring, How to measure for a cable system?
Cable Railing Tensioning, How does the RailEasy™ Cable Rail Tensioner work?
How do I install the RailEasy™ Cable Rail Tensioner?
Cable Railing Sizing, How do I size the cable?
Cable Railing Tools, What tools do I need to install the RailEasy™ cable railing system?
In what order should I tension the cable railing?
How do I buy Atlantis Rail Products?
Are installation instructions available?
Do I need a professional to instal Atlantis Rail?  


What designs and options are available?

Illustrations of all stainless steel railing designs can be seen at the following link http://www.atlantisrail.com/stainless-railing-systems
The Atlantis Rail portfolio of products consist of two product types, each with 4 design choices. Any design may incorporate our fully integrated Micro Star Lighting system. The Atlantis Rail Designs incorporate the customers provided post, new or existing, and allows for an endless variety of options and appearances the customers can create using different materials. The SunRail™ Designs are 100% Stainless Steel including our patented post designs and are the ultimate in Stainless Steel Railings.We also offer a ready to assemble commercial grade ADA handicap ramp and stair system called AccessEasy™. If there is something you do not see in our selection, please ask, many of our projects are highly customized and with little additional expense.

How to order?

For a quick and easy quote please fax or e mail a drawing to us at 510-581-7285 or info@stainlesssteelrailings.com

We sell our products through a network of dealers and in areas where a dealer is not available you may qualify to purchase directly. You are always welcome to speak with an Atlantis Rail Associate and we  encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns at:  Atlantis Sales 800-541-6829

How much does each system cost?

Our railing systems have a variety of cost associated with customer preferences so the cost very accordingly. The best way to obtain an accurate price is to supply your local building supply dealer or an Atlantis Rail Associate with a drawing and allow us to create an accurate price based on your lay out.

How far can I run cable between RailEasy™ Cable Railing Tensioners?

48 feet is our standard answer, but we recommend splitting long distances for heavy use or commercial applications. This allows for additional tensioning and less potential for cable deflection. The cost of splitting cable lengths on a long run (40 + feet) is approximately $360 and it is well worth the additional cost.

How far can I space my post using the RailEasy™ Cable Railing System?

Our standard recommendation is 4 foot spacing and in no case should the post be spaced more than 6 feet. The farther apart your posts are spaced the more potential for cable deflection and in every case where post are spaced at more than 5 feet it is recommended that the space between cables not exceed 2 3/4 inches . Our standard cable spacing (for post spans under 5 feet) is 3 inches on center. If you have a few sections over 5 feet, you may use a vertical cable stabilizer to limit the deflection in the cable. Be aware that not following these recommendations may result in a hazardous situation and may result in failing a building inspection.

Do I need a bottom rail?

Using a bottom rail will always produce a stronger rail system and is usually more attractive, but a properly installed cable railing placed at the proper level above the deck floor will usually meet code requirements. For high traffic applications and commercial projects it is always recommended that you use a bottom rail.

Is horizontal railing safe for my application?

Discussions regarding the safety of horizontal railings are usually due to the potential of climb-ability. Cable railing is not easy to climb as it is very thin material and not rigid. Of course there are risk in any elevated platform that requires railing and the greatest hazards are usually from easily climbable objects placed close to a railing, such as patio furniture or planters. As with any home improvement you should consider whether a horizontal system fits the use and occupancy of your property.

What sizes and lengths does Atlantis Rail come in?

Atlantis Rail recommends designing a cable railing  with standard spans of 4 and 5 foot lengths, but we can custom design our systems to fit any design requirements. We often customize systems to meet customer requirements.

What railing heights are available?

Atlantis Rail carries railing heights of 36” and 42”, but we can custom design our systems to fit any design requirement. We have done pool fences and security applications so don't be afraid to ask if we can accommodate your desired designs.

Do you offer custom design?

We can design any of our stainless steel rail systems to your specifications and our SunRail system usually requires some customization. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Does Atlantis Rail come with a warranty?

Yes, Atlantis Rail comes with a Limited Manufacturers Warranty.

How does Atlantis Rail react to incidental salt water contact or spray?

Incidental salt water contact is not usually a problem, but contrary to popular beliefs stainless steel can and will form spot rust if not properly cared for. Regions throughout the world show different levels of potentially harmful compounds in the water, and in some regions of the world, these compounds are highly corrosive. We recommend a process called electro-polishing as the best way to insure that there are no harmful effects from incidental salt water contact or spray. Railings should never be submerged in salt water on a regular basis.

Technical Information

How to measure for a RailEasy™ cable rail system?

We have made an easy to follow project planning guide that will walk you through measuring and estimating the materials for your cable railing. Please download the RailEasy™ Project Planner to start your cable railing system

How does the Rail Easy Cable Tensioner work?

rail easy project planner
Once the complete Rail Easy Cable Tensioner Assembly is mounted on your post the cable is inserted inside the Receiver Cone (7) and Aluminum Wedge (6) approximately 1/8” past the bottom edge of the wedge to accommodate the Brass Spacer (5). The cone is tightened onto the Threaded Stud which forces the aluminum wedge to push through the cone and bite into the cable as it is tightened. When completely tightened the holding power of the assembly is approximately 980 foot pounds.

How do I install the Rail Easy Cable Tensioner?

 NOTE: This is a basic tensioner example and not installation instructions. For complete installations instructions including the sizing of cable please download the Atlantis Rail Nautilus install instructions. http://www.atlantisrail.com/installation-instructions
3 easy installation steps for rail

Component 1 attaches to your post with 1 ½” #8 screws. Pilot holes should be drilled with a 1/8” bit. We recommend using the Rail Easy Drilling Template.
1) The threaded stud should be extended at least ¾” between the stud end and the end of the tensioner body. For runs over 20 feet the receiver must be let out an additional ¼” per 10 feet. This set up should be equal for both sides of the cable run.rail stud
Now you push your cable into the cone and wedge until it is approximately 1/8” below the brass spacer.

2) Hold the threaded stud steady with a 5/16” wrench while turning the receiver cone onto the threaded stud with a 7 / 16” wrench. Fully tighten the receiver cone onto the threaded stud. Repeat with other side.

3) Holding the Threaded Stud again with the 5/16” wrench, place the Allen Wrench in the hole at the back of the tensioner body and turn to move the Threaded Stud and tighten or loosen cable.

Note: Complete install instructions available at http://www.atlantisrail.com/installation-instructions

How do I size the cable?

 Atlantis Rail ships all cable on roles of 100, 500 and 25 feet. This is made possibly by using our patented mechanical swage which is part of the Rail Easier Tensioner system.
rail cutting tools

What tools do I need to install the Rail Easy cable railing system?

Atlantis rail sells a toolkit with everything you need:
1-Rail Easy Drilling Template (accurate drilling guide)
1- 1/8" Allen Wrench (for turning tensioner body to tension cable)
1- 7/16" Stainless Steel Wrench for releasing lock nut and turning cone onto stud
1- 5/16" Stainless Steel Wrench for holding stud bolt
1- 1/8" Drill Bit for drilling tensioner screw holes, and rail side mount screw holes
1- 7/32" x 5 1/2 " Drill Bit for drilling mid post through holes
You may choose to use tools you already own or purchase the above individually as needed. The most important tool is the Rail Easy Template which will cost approximately $18 and will speed installation and help with accuracy, we consider it a must have. We recommend that all wrenches used should be Stainless Steel to avoid depositing iron on parts, which may cause rust spotting.

In what order should I tension cables?

Always start with the middle tensioner and then rotate below and above until all cables are properly tensioned. Please see the diagram in the downloads section. There is an illustration on the Cable Railing How To page of our website.

Are installation instructions available?

 Yes, complete instruction manuals can be downloaded from our website.

Do I need a professional to install Atlantis Rail?

 There is always an advantage to using specialized labor, but the RailEasy™ Cable railing System is designed with the Do-It-Yourself enthusiast in mind. Our custom systems are more intricate and the installation may prove difficult for some homeowners, but we can also help locate a contractor in your area if an installer suits your needs. You can look through the contractor showcase or ask an Atlantis Rail sales associate.