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Aluminum Glass Railings

Stainless steel railings and powder coated aluminum railings are two of the most popular railing systems used on decks, balconies, walkways, and staircases.  For many, stainless steel railings may not be the best fit due to looks, architectural requirements, or budgetary reasons.

Poweder coated aluminum railings are the near pefect system for glass railing systems. The railing frames come in a set of standard colors, as well as over 200 custom colors. We can supply a complete railing system to meet your requirements. Glass for your railing can be purchased through your local glass supplier.


If you would like a quote for an aluminum railing system, please send us a brief desciption to quotes@stainlesssteelrailings.com .



Durable Powder Coating

The powder coating system used as the finish for Durarail is the most popular industrial coating in the world today. Durarail meets AAMA 2604 and AAMA 2605 specifications.


he coating process involves the aluminum material being dipped into a chemical pre-treatment to prepare the surface.

Completely dry and contaminant-free, the rail sections receive an electrical charge (negative) and are rolled past the powder applicator nozzles. 
The powder receives a positive electrical charge and literally "wraps" itself onto every bit of the exposed metal. 
This is an environmentally friendly system as no solvents are used and almost all overspray is collected for reuse.

The powder coated components are then baked in a 400° F oven for superior adhesion and a consistent coating thickness (approx. 4 to 5 mils) 

The polyester material (TGIC) is UV resistant, will not peel, flake or blister. As it ages, it can be buffed back to like-new condition with a cut polish.

Aluminum Strength

Consider aluminum's many uses in today¹s world. For decades aluminum has provided dependable service in windows and siding in the building industry. Its strength and non-corrosive qualities also make it the perfect choice for vehicle chassis, engine blocks and the most demanding of all – the aeronautics industry.

This Durarail aluminum rail system will still be performing long after many of the other building materials have been replaced. Durarail¹s framework uses the 6063-T5 alloy and the posts are made of the even stronger 6005A-T61 alloy. With the .070-inch wall thicknesses of the extrusions being the heaviest in the industry, it makes for an extremely strong system.

Engineered to Last

Durarail is engineered tough! The strength of a rail or fence system is in the posts and the framework. The stronger the structure, the wider the spans between the posts. This provides for better visual appearance and view.

The heavy wall thicknesses of the aluminum and the intricately designed extrusion combined with the fastening system gives Durarail the exceptional spans it has achieved. They are among the widest (if not the widest) in the industry.