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The Mystic Frameless Railing is very easy to configure. The receiver channel where the glass is inserted can rotate upto 31 degrees in either direction. There are the following posts for designing your railing.


- End Post : This is desinged to receive a piece of glass on one side, and the other side of the post has a black cylindrical infil piece for a clean finish.

- Middle Post: Openings for glass on both sides. Angle of adjustment is 31 degrees in either direction.

- Inside Post: Openings for glass on both sides..starting at 45 degrees, all the way to 90 degrees  (think inside corner).

- Outside Post:  Openings for glass on botht sides...starting at 45 degrees, all the way to 90 degrees  (think outside corner) .

- Wall Mount: This is a flat channel designed to mount to the wall that can accept glass from up to 30 degrees from either direction. Eliminates the need for a post at a wall termination.


Typical glass finish is either 3/8 or 1/2 inch tempered glass with beveled  and polished edges.  3/8" glass can have post spans up to 4ft, and 1/2" glass can span up to 5 ft. Always consider using more posts to reduce the span between openings for a "stiffer" railing. Connection of railing posts to the substrate is critical and should be reviewed with you engineer and local building department.

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